About Us WAWA WISH LIST? SHOP Do you know the Would you like your child to receive educational, sensory, planet-friendly, organic and fun toys? Do you have a child with special needs and / or a rare disease and your family and friends do not know what to give them to promote their integral development?
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Amigurumis and patterns You think it and she creates it !!!
She is María, an artisan who does all her work with love and turns that creation you have in mind into reality. Do you dare to share your dream with her?
Hand painted slippers By artist Laura Mañes. With these shoes, apart from being comfortable, you will never walk alone! The puzzle reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum, and the different colors and shapes represent the diversity of people. About Us AUTISM AWARENESS SHOP Spark your creativity with Products made keeping the traditional elements of the game, giving a didactic load to the integral development of children through playful tools. About Us EDUCATIONAL TOYS SHOP Discover the world with Talented craftsmen bring these toys for your little one for an unstructured game, which will allow your little one to develop autonomy and decision-making ability. About Us WOOD TOYS SHOP Organic dolls Precious dolls handmade with certified organic cotton, whose faces are sculpted in soft fabric, for a more emotional and realistic look. About Us HANDMADE WITH LOVE SHOP Connect as a family and Through pictograms (cards) our little ones will be able to anticipate what is going to happen each day. We provide you with a facilitating and connecting element for each of your days. About Us CREATE YOUR ROUTINES SHOP Wawa has for your little one We have toys adapted for children with special needs and for children with learning disabilities, which will allow them to develop their abilities, enhance their abilities, and allow them to learn by playing what is most difficult for them. About Us INCLUSIVE TOYS SHOP Have fun and learn with Designed to increase your child's attention span and concentration, giving them the support they need to make their learning less complicated. About Us TABLES AND LIGHT PANELS SHOP Increase your skills with We have a wide range of sensory toys so that your little one can reinforce their sensory integration and can improve their ability to understand the world around them. About Us SENSORY TOYS SHOP Encourage your little one In a world increasingly absorbed by screens and computers, we provide you with realistic animal figures designed to teach children about the natural world that surrounds us and to promote its conservation through the pleasure of play. About Us IMAGINATIVE GAME SHOP Stimulates creativity About Us THROUGH THE SYMBOLIC GAME SHOP Imitating everyday life situations and promoting their social skills (such as cooperation and teamwork), their empathy and the use of language. These games will help your little one to express feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, anguish or sadness in an appropriate way. Doudous and stuffed animals About Us FOR NEWBORNXS SHOP The transitional object or object of attachment or comfort is of utmost importance to children, as it helps them to express their emotions freely. Fun times and Perfect the motor functions of your little one, helps to develop their senses; especially the view (thanks to their bright colors) and the touch (thanks to the different textures and materials present in them.) About Us activity games SHOP Give your baby They serve as an ideal resource to encourage crawling and strengthen first steps. They also favor balance control and help in understanding the concepts: space, distance, volume and speed, among many other benefits. About Us DRAG TOYS SHOP

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