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Discover the continents of the world

Is all this our planet? Help your children become familiar with the basic geography that our little planet is made up of. Play on your nightstand with this transparent puzzle with the shape of the different continents. Create fun dynamic questions about countries, their environments or show how close or far they are from each other.

Bath World Map

With this 28-piece world map you will learn how big the world is and the countless places that make it up. Specially designed for the bathroom, it also uses its four pieces of vehicles with which you can travel from one country to another with no limit other than your imagination. Take advantage of this puzzle to become familiar with the general geography of the planet and memorize the different countries that make it up.    

Magnetic map of Spain

Magnetic map of Spain 50 pieces (wood): How easy it is to learn geography while playing! Each magnet represents an illustrated province with a local specialty. Grouping the provinces by their color, you will be able to know which Autonomous Community they belong to. On the magnetic board, you will find the different autonomies, the sea, the oceans, the islands that belong to it, Ceutra and Melilla, and the border countries. Play to position the provinces in their Autonomous Community and you will get the map of Spain that you can hang on the wall. With: 50 pieces.

Magnetic Map of Europe

Travel through Europe through this map made up of 40 magnets, with which you will discover the countries, their capitals and the seas and oceans of this little piece of the world. In this educational and fun way you will train your memory and help you in your knowledge of geography. The magnetic board allows easy placement of the pieces and lets you play vertically or horizontally, being able to hang the base on the wall, for example, and be part of the decoration of your room.