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Wooden pirate ship

To sea, my brave ones! With this pirate ship your child will have a thousand adventures. The design and functions of this ship are based on a real pirate ship. The ship has a gangway at the rear that can be opened to move cargo to the storage room. It comes with 4 crew members, a captain, an emergency raft, a cannon, barrels, an anchor and even a crocodile.

Farm wood blocks

Set of wooden blocks printed on both sides with real images of farm animals, farmers, landscapes and a tractor: 2 chickens, 2 cows, 2 pigs, 2 geese, 2 goats, 1 sheep, 1 lamb, 1 cat, 1 dog shepherd, 1 horse, 2 farmers, 2 bales of straw, 4 fences, 1 stable and 1 tractor. Perfect for young children to engage in imaginative play and develop their descriptive language skills. The 2cm thick wooden blocks are soft to the touch and easy to handle for young children. They are standalone pieces and can be used in creative themed games or to learn about animals, food and crops (symbolic play). Having realistic images will allow younger children to make comparisons with real animals and items commonly found on a farm, and will encourage older children to visualize characters in storytelling and creative writing. . Supports the following learning areas: • Physical development: motor skills • Personal development: collaborative play • Communication and language: descriptive language • Expressive arts and design: imaginative play 2018 PPS Award - Gold (Toys and Games Category 0-3 years) Lo What PPS testers said: “These blocks provide a great boost to develop imagination and mini-world play. They are strong, durable and practical. The images are visually appealing to all ages and can be added to other toys or played with alone. They are great for building vocabulary, talking about people who help us, and learning about the world. "" A lovely product. The thick parts are suitable for small hands without danger of suffocation. Each block has two faces with real images to promote language skills in very young children, through play in a mini world. The blocks are sturdy and could easily withstand rough play. Good value for money as we believe they will last for many years. The perfect resource for any early years setting. "

Traffic signs bag

This set of traffic signs is used for children to learn the different basic traffic signs through symbolic games and begin to learn about road safety education. Symbolic play encourages imagination and creativity, encourages the learning of new behaviors, promotes the acquisition of social skills and competencies such as teamwork, cooperation, negotiation, empathy, and allows the acquisition of new vocabulary. This kit comes with a cloth bag to store the signs. In addition, for children with special needs, this kit is extremely useful to anticipate what happens when they walk around the city.

Box of 12 vegetables (Wood)

Through symbolic play the little ones are able to imagine a reality invented by them, combining reality and imagination. With this assortment of rich vegetables, you can work on concepts such as share or swap and create fun routines that revolve around everyday tasks. The assortment is made in wood and it is made up of 2 leeks, 2 radishes, 2 mushrooms, 2 potatoes, 2 carrots and 2 tomatoes.  

The magic park

Look what a cute magical park! We do not like it very much because it allows to promote creativity and imagination in children, development of free and unstructured play. This is a handmade toy, with beech wood, water-based paint and chalk (complies with the European standard EN71-3) and a lot of love. I tell you a secret? We have one at home and we love it!
kit de cocina elaborado con madera de haya

Wooden Mini Chef Kit

This beautiful wooden mini chef kit contains 6 wooden pieces: a spoon, a fork, a rolling pin, a shovel, a honey spoon and a dogfish. It is perfect for the little ones to play at cooking or to be the chefs of the house. Through symbolic play, children are able to imagine a reality invented by them, combining it with creativity and imagination.  

The adventures of the breath

Two fun scenarios that allow you to train the intensity, power and directionality of the breath in order to develop a correct breathing pattern. You can play alone or in pairs. Overcome obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal!

Lot of 6 firs

We like this game of 6 firs a lot because it allows to promote creativity and imagination in children, development of free and unstructured play. This is a handmade toy, with beech wood, water-based paint and chalk (complies with the European standard EN71-3) and a lot of love. They look like sweet meringues to me, I love them!

Doctor / Doctor briefcase

Is there a doctor in the room? This briefcase has all the necessary equipment to treat the wounds of all your playmates. All the accessories are made of wood, 10 in total, such as a syringe, a reflex hammer, disinfectant, a stethoscope with a magnifying glass, a thermometer, a roll of bandages, a tab and a notebook with 30 sheets to write down all your recipes. Help develop social skills and empathic emotion in a game that also allows you to explore professions.

Storytelling finger puppets

Our hands, in addition to being one of our main tools of contact with our babies, are the first "toy" with which we can stimulate them. They are the part of the body that the little ones look at the most when they move. Throughout their development, their hands allow them to point, grasp and manipulate things, providing them with essential sensory development in the early stages and helping them to be more autonomous. Imagine that to all that experience you add a wonderful element: finger puppets. This storytelling finger puppet kit by Dariogurumi consists of 4 characters from your favorite story *, lovingly hand-knitted using the crochet technique, made with environmentally friendly material. A toy like this has endless benefits for children of all ages. For example, with finger puppets, babies laugh a lot and begin to imitate the sounds you make while you are playing with them, just when you see them open their mouths they will laugh out loud! Another way, more sensory and fun, will emerge to communicate with your little one; in addition to being a good stimulus for language development. As they grow older, the finger puppets will allow your little one to mobilize the fingers of their hands, strengthening fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination with their exercise. The little ones will be able to use the puppets to express their emotions or feelings, because it is a symbolic game that allows them to make mental representations that they can make alone or accompanied. It is a spontaneous game and arises from inner motivation, since finger puppets are objects that come to life thanks to the creativity and imagination of the little ones. * Additional characters and / or just a puppet can be requested for € 6.

My first camera

Allow your child the luxury of unlocking creativity and imaginative thinking by viewing the world through the lens of the kaleidoscope. Pretend play with the camera offers children the opportunity to tell stories and invent scenarios that ultimately support their creative thinking process. This wooden camera has a clickable shutter button and an adjustable kaleidoscopic lens. You will be able to point and shoot in any direction you choose. You will see the world through a single lens both indoors and outdoors. You will be a famous photographer and observer of nature and the world around you! The shutter release button and an adjustable lens will allow your child to improve hand-eye coordination, improve the ability to concentrate while focusing on certain objects and landscapes, and develop language and social skills while venturing through the park or house as a great photographx.

My first doll house

Beautiful wooden doll house. This dollhouse is easily accessible from all sides and consists of a balcony, sliding doors and four rooms that can be furnished as a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or dining room.