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Maxi-memory Cultures

This game allows you to exercise your memory with real images of cultures on large tiles. Memory games favor basic cognitive processes: perception, attention and memory, help children to concentrate on an activity, promote the development of oral language since children can use the new vocabulary from the images of the game, contributes to the learning of rules and norms to follow the game and help to work on the acceptance of the frustration of the children when they lose the game. In the case of children with down syndrome or some other special need, this type of game allows them to improve their visual perception, practice spatial memory, improve their visual memory, practice visual discrimination and increase their vocabulary.

Volumetric Memory (Deluxe)

This set is a set of memory cards. Its essence is to develop basic cognitive abilities through a playful activity. All elements are made of wood. The cards are made up of variants of simple geometric symbols, highlighted in primary colors and in relief, in such a way that not only memory and the association of concepts are encouraged, but it also allows working with the tactile sensitivity and are suitable in cases of visual impairment. The box serves, on the one hand, to store the cards, and on the other as the game board itself, with the symbols milled on the surface, in such a way that they allow their tactile identification and serves, for example, to add degrees of difficulty, like playing with your eyes closed. can be played from two to six people, and there are several variants, matching cards, recognizing geometric shapes, becoming familiar with colors, establishing relationships, memorizing sequences, etc ...  

My left and my right

This game helps to develop the knowledge of the right and the left, by representing the tiles with the character facing the front and back, and the objects that are placed on either side of the character.

Waldorf pinwheel

Cheerful and fun toy that helps maintain attention and correct some bad habits such as excessive use of electronic devices. It encourages communication and promotes family relationship. By playing with this toy, children exercise hand flexibility and thinking logic. It develops the creativity of the little ones to the maximum, it is an ideal relaxation toy.

Piks (24-piece kit)

Discover the small kit of our Piks educational game! Fun and innovative, this building set allows you to create original structures using natural solid wood planks and non-toxic silicone cones. Easy to handle, this educational toy will allow children to make many constructions: vertical, horizontal, twisted, combined... Piks is a fantasy game without limits! Thanks to Piks they will be able to develop their attention and concentration while having fun. This creative toy was designed based on research and alternative solutions to attention and concentration disorders and is acclaimed by early childhood professionals. There are endless possibilities to play with Piks. Your children will be able to make figures for other players to guess or even build the tallest tower without dropping a piece. Piks stimulates the imagination by making figures, but also improves fine motor skills and dexterity by building an original tower! It is possible to play alone or with others. This game is really for everyone: kids, mom, dad, grandparents, etc!