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Storytelling finger puppets

20,00 VAT included
Our hands, in addition to being one of our main tools of contact with our babies, are the first "toy" with which we can stimulate them. They are the part of the body that the little ones look at the most when they move. Throughout their development, their hands allow them to point, grasp and manipulate things, providing them with essential sensory development in the early stages and helping them to be more autonomous. Imagine that to all that experience you add a wonderful element: finger puppets. This storytelling finger puppet kit by Dariogurumi consists of 4 characters from your favorite story *, lovingly hand-knitted using the crochet technique, made with environmentally friendly material. A toy like this has endless benefits for children of all ages. For example, with finger puppets, babies laugh a lot and begin to imitate the sounds you make while you are playing with them, just when you see them open their mouths they will laugh out loud! Another way, more sensory and fun, will emerge to communicate with your little one; in addition to being a good stimulus for language development. As they grow older, the finger puppets will allow your little one to mobilize the fingers of their hands, strengthening fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination with their exercise. The little ones will be able to use the puppets to express their emotions or feelings, because it is a symbolic game that allows them to make mental representations that they can make alone or accompanied. It is a spontaneous game and arises from inner motivation, since finger puppets are objects that come to life thanks to the creativity and imagination of the little ones. * Additional characters and / or just a puppet can be requested for € 6.

Ladybug (Box of Watercolors)

25,00 VAT included
This ladybug has come to bring you a whole palette of colors. Its wings keep an artistic secret, unfold them and let your creativity fly with its 12 watercolors School Carioca replaceable. Made of pine wood, this ladybug is waiting for you to take it everywhere.  

Play you passport

5,95 VAT included
Are you always looking for new activities to do with your little ones? Look at this original and fun idea !!! It is a toy passport, which invites you to prepare your own toys and register them as you make them. The intention is to fill this diary with all those unique and unrepeatable toys that your little ones have been creating from recycled materials. Inside the passport you will find several proposals for toys that will give you ideas. Remember that what others consider waste will be a treasure for your little one: stoppers, plates, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, etc. Develop the creativity of the little ones to the maximum and follow their ideas, start inventing yourself!

16-piece percussion set

37,99 VAT included
This 16-piece set of 10 musical instruments comes in a clear, zip-lock plastic bag for convenient storage. Contains 2 wooden maracas, 2 wooden castanets, a wooden tambourine, a triangle with its metal drumstick, 2 wooden clefs, a wooden rhythmic clapperboard, a güiro and its wooden stick, 2 metal finger cymbals , a water stick and a wooden sleigh bell with 13 bells. Supports the following areas of learning: • Expressive arts and design: music and dance • Understanding of the world: sound • Physical development: motor skills • Personal development: collaborative play Specifying the size of the instruments: - 19cm güiro, - finger cymbals 5.3cm in diameter, - sleigh bell 17.5cm (including bells), - maracas 15cm, - tambourine 15.3cm in diameter, - water stick 10cm, - castanets 5.3cm in diameter, - rhythmic clapperboard 16cm, - keys 15cm, - triangle 10,5cm. Age: Suitable from 3 years.

Fishing set

35,00 VAT included
Let's go fishing? With this sensory blanket with maritime motifs, your little one will have fun catching fish with his rod. This set consists of 7 magnetized fish in the colors of the rainbow, a fishing rod also magnetized and applications with brackets so that they can exchange the boat, the sun and the cloud of place while strengthening their fine motor skills. Everything is collected in a blanket with two compartments to store the fish and let them swim free in their environment. Ideal toy to work the concentration, balance and eye-hand coordination of each child while having fun with the symbolic game of being a fisherman for a day. 100% product made by hand with a lot of love !!!