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Where are we in the house?

Association game to learn to classify the actions that are carried out in the different rooms of a house. It contains resistant cards (pictograms) and a maxi die to make learning more educational and fun.

Where the animals live?

Association game to discover where animals live: on the farm, in the jungle, in the desert, at the poles or under water.

Caesar and the "day tale"

Caesar's day agenda is perfect for the afternoon ritual, as it helps the child to process the impressions of the previous day and prepare those of the day ahead. It allows structuring the day with mom or dad by means of certain personalized cards that will help the children to have an idea of the events of the day. You'll recognize patterns, discover comforting rituals, and jump into new adventures. For children with special needs, it works as a visual activity organizer.

Choose your tasks – cards

Housework is part of our daily life and for children it can be a lot of fun. With this kit of pictograms, called "Choose your tasks", we can create a fun family moment and see what the needs of our home are in order to organize ourselves among the whole tribe. This kit introduces children to the importance of collaborate at home.In addition, for learning in children with special needs (intellectual disability, Down syndrome, autism, etc.) the use of pictograms is a communication and organization tool, either in visual agendas or in clarification of the different scenarios that are in the house.

Doctor / Doctor briefcase

Is there a doctor in the room? This briefcase has all the necessary equipment to treat the wounds of all your playmates. All the accessories are made of wood, 10 in total, such as a syringe, a reflex hammer, disinfectant, a stethoscope with a magnifying glass, a thermometer, a roll of bandages, a tab and a notebook with 30 sheets to write down all your recipes. Help develop social skills and empathic emotion in a game that also allows you to explore professions.

Storytelling finger puppets

Our hands, in addition to being one of our main tools of contact with our babies, are the first "toy" with which we can stimulate them. They are the part of the body that the little ones look at the most when they move. Throughout their development, their hands allow them to point, grasp and manipulate things, providing them with essential sensory development in the early stages and helping them to be more autonomous. Imagine that to all that experience you add a wonderful element: finger puppets. This storytelling finger puppet kit by Dariogurumi consists of 4 characters from your favorite story *, lovingly hand-knitted using the crochet technique, made with environmentally friendly material. A toy like this has endless benefits for children of all ages. For example, with finger puppets, babies laugh a lot and begin to imitate the sounds you make while you are playing with them, just when you see them open their mouths they will laugh out loud! Another way, more sensory and fun, will emerge to communicate with your little one; in addition to being a good stimulus for language development. As they grow older, the finger puppets will allow your little one to mobilize the fingers of their hands, strengthening fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination with their exercise. The little ones will be able to use the puppets to express their emotions or feelings, because it is a symbolic game that allows them to make mental representations that they can make alone or accompanied. It is a spontaneous game and arises from inner motivation, since finger puppets are objects that come to life thanks to the creativity and imagination of the little ones. * Additional characters and / or just a puppet can be requested for € 6.

Waldorf pinwheel

Cheerful and fun toy that helps to maintain attention and correct some bad habits such as excessive use of electronic devices. It encourages communication and promotes family relationships. By playing with this toy, children exercise the flexibility of the hand and the logic of thinking. It develops the creativity of the little ones to the maximum, it is an ideal relaxation toy.

Spinning Dolls

This kit consists of three cards with children that you will have to dress by spinning different garments with cord stitches. It is a colorful and fun set with which to become familiar with everyday clothes and improve fine motor skills through sewing.

visual organizer

These three modules of four slats each, form a nice visual organizer that can be used vertically, horizontally, or joined together indefinitely. It allows visually structuring concepts or pictograms of a certain topic or a certain activity. The tablets are, on one side, a blackboard, to be able to write with chalk, resulting in a very immediate and customizable resource, and, on the other, a space to be able to insert stickers to form a certain theme. It allows you to create routine files, lists of activities, list of emotions, etc. It constitutes a highly indicated pedagogical resource for children with ASD and is compatible with the ARASAAC image bank.  

Play you passport

Are you always looking for new activities to do with your little ones? Look at this original and fun idea !!! It is a toy passport, which invites you to prepare your own toys and register them as you make them. The intention is to fill this diary with all those unique and unrepeatable toys that your little ones have been creating from recycled materials. Inside the passport you will find several proposals for toys that will give you ideas. Remember that what others consider waste will be a treasure for your little one: stoppers, plates, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, etc. Develop the creativity of the little ones to the maximum and follow their ideas, start inventing yourself!

Pizza of the numbers

Pizza time! (Pizza time) The pizza of the numbers has arrived!! Pizza puzzle separated by sections in which your little one will discover the association between number and quantity while practicing the symbolic game of being a super chef. With this pizza they can learn to do small additions and subtractions so that no member of the family is left without their portion. A fun way to learn by playing.

Permanent Calendar Clock

Complete calendar clock for initiation in learning the months, seasons, time, days, hours and minutes. Non-removable mobile token system to avoid loss.