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Where is?

Material for collective use for the development of spatial orientation, with two game modes: bingo for opposite positions (blue frame), and bingo for spatial orientation (red frame).

Where are we in the house?

Association game to learn to classify the actions that are carried out in the different rooms of a house. It contains resistant cards (pictograms) and a maxi die to make learning more educational and fun.

Where the animals live?

Association game to discover where animals live: on the farm, in the jungle, in the desert, at the poles or under water.

Choose your tasks – cards

Housework is part of our daily life and for children it can be a lot of fun. With this kit of pictograms, called "Choose your tasks", we can create a fun family moment and see what the needs of our home are in order to organize ourselves among the whole tribe. This kit introduces children to the importance of collaborate at home.In addition, for learning in children with special needs (intellectual disability, Down syndrome, autism, etc.) the use of pictograms is a communication and organization tool, either in visual agendas or in clarification of the different scenarios that are in the house.

The adventures of the breath

Two fun scenarios that allow you to train the intensity, power and directionality of the breath in order to develop a correct breathing pattern. You can play alone or in pairs. Overcome obstacles, direct the ball and reach your goal!

visual organizer

These three modules of four slats each, form a nice visual organizer that can be used vertically, horizontally, or joined together indefinitely. It allows visually structuring concepts or pictograms of a certain topic or a certain activity. The tablets are, on one side, a blackboard, to be able to write with chalk, resulting in a very immediate and customizable resource, and, on the other, a space to be able to insert stickers to form a certain theme. It allows you to create routine files, lists of activities, list of emotions, etc. It constitutes a highly indicated pedagogical resource for children with ASD and is compatible with the ARASAAC image bank.  

Magnetic cards “create your routines”

On some occasions, our little ones have problems developing a language and some take longer than others to start speaking; for example the little ones with ASD or Down syndrome. However, children with special needs have a better ability to process images. That is why the use of pictograms serve, among many other things, for the development of language and has the additional advantage of the appearance of linguistic links (later, later, when it is finished ...). "Create your Routines" aims to be a facilitating and connecting element for our day to day. The children will enjoy with us a fun time to create their own routines, and those of the family. Through them our little ones will be able to anticipate what is going to happen that day, observing the magnetic cards, even marking the activity they have already done thanks to the arrow that this kit includes.  

Vowels to Trace

This set consists of the five vowels in an extra large size !! Made of glossy plastic, they have a marked line to continue with a marker. Perfect for initiation to writing and phonetics, they will allow developing calligraphic skills and initiation to language. They can be used as a resource for panels and bedside tables.