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Little red boat

Who says that if there is no summer there is no fun in the water? This funny “paper boat” made from recycled 100% material is proof that playing in the water is for the whole year. This boat consists of two separate parts and, of course, floats in the roughest seas and in the tub at bath time for the little ones !!! The tarp also has a hole in the top for pouring water and sand. Made to last generation after generation

Color in the Bathroom

These markers are magic! With them it will be easy to transform your bathroom into your artist canvas, let your imagination fly and help yourself to the sponge starfish to erase and start over. This small set includes 6 of these markers and a sponge

Fishing game

With this fun fishing game, your little one will be happy like a fish in water. Watch his fine motor skills develop as he uses a magnetic fishing rod to catch different creatures and count how many he has caught this time.

Bath World Map

With this 28-piece world map you will learn how big the world is and the countless places that make it up. Specially designed for the bathroom, it also uses its four pieces of vehicles with which you can travel from one country to another with no limit other than your imagination. Take advantage of this puzzle to become familiar with the general geography of the planet and memorize the different countries that make it up.