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Seesaw – Balance Board

Emmi Pikler argued that babies, to develop their full potential, just need space, freedom of movement and comfortable clothes. Pikler assumes that children are capable of taking the appropriate developmental steps at the time they are ready, without the need to force them or try to speed them up. When this happens, babies learn to know themselves and their development is much more harmonious and appropriate. Based on the Pikler pedagogy, we bring this seesaw, which offers many possibilities for play and motor development. If the children stand on top, you can practice balancing and rocking. If the seesaw is turned upside down, it can serve as a bridge to go under or climb over. In addition, it presents many possibilities at the symbolic game level. It can be a crib, a counter, a bridge, a castle, a doll's house, etc. Discover various forms of balance for yourself @! This toy comes with a curved plywood board and a rope that can help children learn balance when standing, sitting and rocking back and forth. Excellent for developing physical strength and body control.

Animal Mirrors: Sheep

Am I there? These mirror sheets, unbreakable, made of plastic, help the little ones in facial expression and self-knowledge. With its sheep shape, it is an ideal complement to the decoration of your room, but it will also help you with other dynamics, since it allows you to bend and create distorted reflections or it can be a fantastic canvas where you can get the best smile out of the sheep. These mirrors are also very suitable for developing spatial orientation and for motor and balance development through postural-type activities.

Plastic Mirror Stars

These star-shaped mirror sheets help children with facial expression and self-awareness. Their small size (12cm in diameter) allows them to be easily manipulated, bent to create concave or convex reflections, or simply decorated. The set consists of 10 stars, so you can combine different activities or glue them together and create different mirror sequences to play with.