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Waldorf Rainbow for Bedside Table

How many colors can your rainbow fit? This resource is very versatile for endless activities on your nightstand. In addition to working with colors and sensory stimulation, you will be able to do activities aimed at geometric compression, seriation, or sizes and scales. These types of toys are aimed at reinforcing attention and concentration and the development of creative didactics is very suitable. In the set come two rainbows with 12 clear plastic semicircles.

Sensory water blocks

Construction games are the foundation of children's learning, but we can enrich the game even more with these assorted sensory blocks.Your child will be able to stack the pieces and form structures, but also manipulate each block and be amazed by the colors and movement of the water . And if you expose them to light or use them on the bedside table, more color play. You can also put them one after another and you will discover new colors.

Set of colored silicone sensory circles

This set consists of 10 textured circular discs made of ultra-soft flexible silicone: 5 large and 5 small. On the surface of each circle there is a pattern that is distinctive and different from the rest of the whole. Children can feel these textures and discover their differences: by placing the small circles in the provided felt bag they can see if they discover or guess the pattern they are feeling; or using their feet, they can walk on the large sensory circles to see if they can distinguish them. Bringing the small and large sensory circles together through touch is also a lot of fun, with or without a blindfold. Silicone has excellent properties that make it the ideal material for sensory circles: it is strong, safe to handle and ultra soft to the touch. On the floor, the circles will grip and not slide even on a shiny surface and after use they can be hand washed or put in a dishwasher on high heat to clean them thoroughly without damaging them. Includes activity guide. Supports the following areas of learning: • Personal development - sensory • Comprehension of the world: color • Communication and language: descriptive language • Personal development: collaborative play • Physical development: motor skills 2015 PPS Gold Award Winner (Toys and Games Category 3 -5) PPS Award reviewers said:"We loved them. The kids used the circles to create snail shell designs, simply and quickly. They were very easy to wash with warm soapy water at the end of the creative activity and dried overnight, ready to use the next morning with our bedside table. The bag provided for the smaller circles was a nice touch. Appealing to children, especially walking on them in bare feet! Totally non-slip, Which we loved! The use of language to describe them was encouraged. Also good as a set of felt bags. "

Discover the continents of the world

Is all this our planet? Help your children become familiar with the basic geography that our little planet is made up of. Play on your nightstand with this transparent puzzle with the shape of the different continents. Create fun dynamic questions about countries, their environments or show how close or far they are from each other.

Translucent binding discs

Attractively colored octagonal discs in two sizes with notches for interlocking and a central hole suitable for threading. They can be used to build abstract or symmetrical structures, are great for sorting and pattern making, and will help children develop fine motor skills as well as encourage logical and creative thinking. Discs come in six different colors and are supplied in a plastic container for convenient storage. Ideal for use in panels or light tables. Supports the following learning areas: • Physical Development: Motor Skills • Physical Development - Construction • Math: Counting, Sorting, and Patterning • Personal Development - Sensory • Understanding the World: Color • Communication and Language: Descriptive Language

Montessori Forms

Play with these geometric shapes on your nightstand and help your children get familiar with them. The set includes positive and negative shapes and in two different colors, so that you can play to match each other, develop skills in drawing outlines and encourage the learning of basic shapes.

Sensory foot marks

Six pairs of footmarks in six colors with new textured surfaces. Made of soft non-slip plastic. It can be used as a resource for panels or night tables. Supports the following areas of learning: • Physical development: motor skills • Personal development: self-awareness • Personal development: collaborative play

Maxi-Lowercase ABC Kit

With this set of translucent lowercase letters of different colors you will be able to play at your night table to form syllables and words, as well as to familiarize yourself with the line and practice reading and writing thanks that they come in positive and negative templates. This set can be combined with any other bedside table accessory.
mesa de madera para paneles de luz

Wooden table support for light panels

Low level folding leg wooden table for A2 LED light panels. Table legs lock into place with a hex key. Table: 57.5cm long x 40.2cm wide x 28.2cm high

Light panel A2

A2 LED light panel. Panels or light tables are an essential and versatile transversal resource. This panel light has a magnetic connector and 3 light level settings. Provides a cool, clean, bright illuminated background and is ideal for investigation of light, color and shape*, or focused group work on a wide range of topics. Slim and with rounded edges, the panels are durable, portable and easy to clean. Simple operation with lock function to prevent inadvertent power off and comes with a user guide. All TickiT light panels have an A+ energy rating and include a universal power adapter (UK/EU/US/AU compatible) with low voltage mains power supply, instructions for use and a light panel guide TickiT. The digital versions of our light panel guide will be sent to the customer's email once the purchase is made. Panel: 63.5cm long x 46cm wide x 0.8cm high (illuminated part 59.5cm x 42cm) Supports the following areas of learning: • Personal development - sensory • Personal development - collaborative play • Understanding of the world - light • Understanding of the world: observation *Resources for light panels and wooden support table sold separately.

Round light panel – (50 cm diameter)

Panels or night tables are an essential and versatile transversal resource. This 50cm diameter round panel has a magnetic connector and 3 light level settings. Provides a fresh, clean, and bright backlit background and is ideal for researching light, colors and shapes *, or for group work focused on a wide range of topics. Thin and with rounded edges, the panels are sturdy, portable and easy to clean. Simple operation with lock function to prevent inadvertent power off and comes with a user guide. It supports the following learning areas: • Personal development - sensory • Personal development: collaborative play • Understanding the world: light • Understanding the world: observation * Resources for panels and light tables are sold separately.

Colored glitter wood sensory panels

Set of 3 solid rubber wood blocks with easy-grip handles that enclose a shiny glitter panel, one in each color: purple, silver and gold. The panels can be twisted and turned to make the glowing liquid move and flow in fascinating ways. Ideal for sensory discovery and expansion of descriptive vocabulary. It can be used as a resource for panels and bedside tables.