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Bees in the hive

Six bees that vary in color (red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and blue) combine with a beehive to create a realistic beehive environment. It teaches the little ones about bees: their diet, their habitat, their life purpose, etc. With this game the hives can be stacked and invites the children to use the tongs to take each bee to its correct home. Encourages the development of cognitive and fine motor skills, using the tweezers to grasp and sort the bees, match each bee with its corresponding hive, and learn about bee species during free time. Factors for child development: - Eye-hand coordination - Mathematical Reasoning - Concentration - Language and Communication - Creativity - Motor skills

Explorer Kit

What child does not like to investigate the mysteries that are hidden in the garden or the park near home? With this explorer kit your child will spend hours of fun collecting leaves and investigating what is in them by putting them behind the magnifying glass. In addition, it comes with a ball tip scissors and a clamp, which are ideal for working fine motor skills in a fun way: clamp-shaped grip, agility and strength of the fingers, coordination to use scissors, eye-hand coordination, etc. .