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Fingerprint Alphabet

The alphabet has 30 letters of 6x8cm in which we find; on one side the calligraphic sign of each of the letters of the Castilian alphabet and on the other its equivalence in the dactylological language of the Spanish sign language. The set has a versatile, tremendously pedagogical nature and provides, on the one hand, a simple method of approaching sign language and its learning and, on the other, an effective tool in the development of literacy from a sensory approach, as all the elements have been manufactured by rotogravure. In addition, it has a 16x14x12cm wooden box to store all the cards in a compact way.  

Wooden blocks to link

Four beech wood blocks with holes and cords to link, ideal for developing manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Includes cylinder, cube, triangular prism and octagonal prism. Supports the following learning areas: • Physical development: motor skills • Physical development: hand-eye coordination

Eco-friendly tactile shells

These specially designed seashells have different tactile surfaces and come in 3 sizes. They are made from Natural Fiber Particle Composite (FPC), an agricultural waste product from rice stalks and husks. Children will love to touch and feel these shells, describing the differences and similarities. It's also great for teaching early number concepts like ordering, matching, comparing, sequencing, patterning, and counting. The set contains 36 touch covers, 2 of each in 6 different touch finishes and 3 sizes. FPC* has the following ecological benefits: • Breaks down in the environment • Zero pollution – reduced energy and water use in manufacturing • Fully recyclable

Circus Beads to Thread

This circus is quite a story! These beads to thread keep endless circus stories. How many can you imagine? Through these 42 beech wood beads, the little ones will be able to develop their imagination by telling lots of stories, while the not so little ones will improve their motor skills by stringing them on the included cords.

Beads to link pastel color

These laces encourage children to develop fine motor skills, creativity and concentration. It consists of 15 beads of 3 different geometric shapes and 2 cords. Children can create infinite patterns from their imagination or follow our guidelines.

Tactile domino

This wooden domino game, with large tiles with different textures, is extremely useful for sensory integration therapies. While playing with colors, you can also recognize different types of surfaces by touch. It serves to develop tactile perception, attention and concentration; and it is a fun way for children to start accepting the rules of the game.

Link families of the world

Set of 24 wooden figures to link them together, representing different families of the world. It allows children to link their own family and play with the characters, who also remain standing. Includes 6 colored laces. Develops fine motor skills in children.

Link professions

Set of 24 wooden figures to link them together, representing different trades and their related elements. It allows the children to link each job with its elements and play with the figures, which also remain standing. Includes 8 colored laces. Develops fine motor skills in children.

Sensory foot marks

Six pairs of foot markings in six colors with new textured surfaces. Made of non-slip soft plastic. It can be used as a resource for panels or light tables. Supports the following learning areas: • Physical Development: Motor Skills • Personal Development: Self-Awareness • Personal Development: Collaborative Play

Numbered colorful gel fish

In this set, the goldfish have the numbers 0-20 written on one side and their corresponding dots on the other. Great for learning to count (dots group together for logical learning), associating numbers with quantities, color recognition, and sensory play. These numbered fish are squishy to the touch and filled with rainbow colored gel beads. They have a hole at the top to hang them with string or pegs. Translucent colors will blend when placed against a table or light panel e.g. Eg blue and yellow together will produce green. The fish have an attractive texture that invites sensory exploration and can have a calming effect when the beads are moved; they can also be frozen to add another level of sensory discovery. Supports the following learning areas: • Math: Numbers and Counting • Understanding the World: Color • Personal Development - Sensory Integration • Expressive Arts and Design: Imaginative Play • Communication and Language: Descriptive Language

Sensory balls (20 pieces)

A set of 20 balls with different textures, colors, density and rebound properties. Selected by our primary and preschool specialists. The balls come in a black bag with a velcro closure so that it is easy to carry them from one place to another. With these balls you work on sensory integration, promotion of motor skills, development of communication and descriptive language, tactile stimulation and some can even be used for massages or as fidgets.

Pink Mesh Sensory Balls

Give the ball a squeeze to see the shiny goo bulge through the mesh surrounding the ball. When squeezed, this toy provides tactile satisfaction and visual fascination. It will provide endless hours of fun and is ideal for calming anxiety, especially in ADHD, ASD and Down syndrome children.