“Teaching the details is generating confusion.
Establishing the relationship between things is
generate knowledge”.
Maria Montessori - Montessori Pedagogy

Our history

What is Wawa? »

My name is Wawa, I am a small wombat member of a Peruvian / Spanish family and I am here to generate different smiles. Wawa means child in Quechua, Quechua is an original language of the Peruvian Andes that extends through the western part of South America through seven countries.

Wawa, in addition to being our adorable wombat, is a family project that was formed with great enthusiasm, dedication and love. Wawa was born to create a space for inclusion for all boys and girls, especially those with special needs, through play and art.

The creation of Wawa stems from our experiences with a child with autism and the desire to meet and reach out to other wawas with special needs. Our effort is for them, they are our engine and motive. Us I would very much like to enter your home so that we can connect through play and art, and thus learn together.

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Our objectives


Wawa provides the tools for all the little ones to learn by playing and creating, so that they can develop all the necessary skills to lead a healthy and happy life; And so, when you are adults, never forget your inner child.

Wawa has as collaborators a group of professionals, made up of artists, educators, psychologists, therapists, mothers and fathers; that provide counseling and support for children, mothers, fathers and relatives. In addition, we work with brands that make their products with great respect for the environment, with organic, sustainable, non-toxic and / or recyclable material. Everything we have in our games drawer has been selected for the development of activities where children can learn by playing and creating, through the use of pedagogies such as Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Pikler, Aucouturier Psychomotor Practice; but above all so that the imagination is the main tool and your faithful playmate

Our Motivation

" Vision "

With Wawa we want to ensure that families with children, especially families with children with special needs, have a space to turn to at all times. In Wawa you can find various resources, from a moment of relaxation in our mindfulness workshops, advice on the purchase of educational toys or for the development of a specific skill, dance or theater classes for children, etc. Wawa seeks to be an ally of families and children, through games and art, for a better quality of life.

In Wawa you can find toys that provide sensory and educational fun for all the little ones; but also, it is a drawer of resources for families. We are always thinking and looking for ways to accompany you on your way, that is why our studies are focused on encompassing knowledge and experience to provide you with more and more possibilities.

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“In children, even in babies, there is by nature an inexhaustible and growing interest in the world and in themselves. It is not necessary to 'entertain' the babies. They can play for hours, days and even months with the objects they get ”. Emmi Pikler - Pikler Pedagogy.

Our values

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