“Where is the book in which the teacher
can you read about what is teaching? L @ s
children themselves are that book. We should not
learn to teach from no other book than
of the one who lies open before us and
which consists of the children themselves ”.
Rudolf Steiner - Waldorf Pedagogy

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21 – 01 – 2021
Second Workshop:
Accompany my child from freedom of movement

What does it mean to accompany my child from freedom of movement? Does this favor the construction of their autonomy?

We will talk and reflect together on how this accompaniment favors in the children the discovery of their capacities, the impact on their emotionality and the learning of their own doing.

SCHEDULE: 20:00 (1 hour and a half)

PRICE: € 20 per person, € 30 if both parents attend

CAPACITY: minimum 4, maximum 12


Workshop given by: Carla María Ramos



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